20 Household Items With a Purpose You Never Knew


Dip In Wine Bottle

So you like drinking wine, huh? Well, then you probably noticed that sizable dip at the bottom of the bottle. It seems a little odd, but there are a number of reasons why it’s there. For starters, it’s called a punt or a kick-up, although it’s not exactly clear why it’s called that. In any event, it makes the bottle a little more stable, so it won’t fall over and break with a slight touch or a strong wind if you happen to like taking a bottle on a picnic. Having the punt at the bottom also makes the bottle stronger so it can hold up to higher pressure if there is champagne or sparkling wine inside. The punt also makes it easier to distribute steam while cleaning the bottle before the wine is poured into it, ensuring that your wine is as pristine as possible.



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