Famous Celebrity Kids Who Now Look Grown Up


Celebrities are always followed by the media everywhere they go. Most of the time, the media also love capturing these stars with their kids. Their children turn into instant celebrities themselves because the press just loves tracking down their lives, too. A lot of celeb kids grew up to become like their parents and followed in their footsteps to become actors/musicians. While some opted for minimal professions away from all the paparazzi that haunted their childhood.

Julia Roberts has always lived a life in the spotlight. However, when it comes to her family, she remains very private. Lately, Julia tries to be more open especially with her only daughter, Hazel Moder, the next ‘pretty woman’ in the making. Hazel grew up exposed early in the industry, making her develop her acting skills at a very young age. The young Roberts started making money in films such as Mother’s Day and All Access. Perhaps, we’ll see more of her in the spotlight, soon.



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