Do Babies Get Put Out When They Get Circumcised?


Circumcising a child is a difficult thing to try and predict. For parents going through with the procedure for their child, it’s important to remember that, while they themselves do not have experience — physicians do. Those trained to do the operation have been thoroughly trained and are highly qualified to execute a seamless process. Even so, it’s absolutely a good idea for those expecting to have the surgery for their baby boy to gain some basic knowledge about what to expect. It is especially important to learn management techniques for the pain.

The Basics

A newborn baby will have the foreskin removed from the end of the his penis. A surgeon will execute this operation either one or two days after the baby is born. Typical issues occurring most often following a circumcision include an infected penis and bleeding according to most authorities in the industry.

Are baby boys put to sleep when they have a circumcision surgery

Authority Recommendations

Generally, established organizations have concluded that the potential issues following the procedure are overshadowed by the benefits. An addendum to that information is that not all infants should be circumcised as part of a mandation. The organization believes that the option should be present, but not mandatory. Different relgiious, moral, and culturalistic values should be allowed to dictate the ultimate decision making process. If parents go through with the operation it is recommended that they learn proper procedures for taking care of the pain.

The Surgery

A few hours before the surgery, you should give the infant acetaminophen, a common over-the-counter pain-reliever. This gets the compound into their bloodstream and active so that as soon as pain begins to occur, they’re covered. The baby is not put to sleep for the procedure through means of anesthetization or via medication. To begin, the infant will be naked from the hips to below. A specialized system of restraint is used to prevent any movement during the operation. A topical numbing ointment is placeed on the skin just before the surgery proceeds.

Minimizing Pain

The typical way of consoling the child is to utilie sugar water. The surgeon or supporting medical staff will give the baby a mix of sucrose, or common table sugar, mixed with water. The concoction will act to soothe and relax the baby during the procedure. Sometime the mixture will be added to the tip of a pacifier.

From there the surgeon will give some time for the topical ensthetic to begin to work. And then he’ll double up on the numbing effect by actually injecting a nother anesthetic directly into a site near the incision. Post-surgery, the acetaminophen should be continually given.


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