Can I Lose Weight On The Milk and Cereal Diet?

It may sound like a terrible idea that you hear from some random person at the gym, but as it turns out a milk and cereal diet could actually be a good tool for losing weight.

As with all things the devil is in the details. It’s important that if you try to do this diet that you use the correct versions of the foods.

You will need to use low-fat milk and low-fat cereal as a way to keep calories down.

The Basics

The basic version of this diet includes consuming approximately one serving of the cereal with about 1/2 cup of low-fat milk for every meal. Generally people will stay on the diet for approximately two weeks.

There is a version of this diet that many people have heard of — as it was devised and marketed by Kellogg’s. They called it the Special K diet.

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Wow it’s best that you reach for a cereal that is high in fiber and low in sugar, you can use basically any low fat cereal.

The Science

Researchers conducted a study at the University of Purdue to determine if breakfast cereal can be used effectively in place of other Foods as a means for weight loss.

The study found that individuals consuming the cereal diet managed to significantly reduce their total caloric intake. This resulted in a good amount of fat being lost or the people in the study.


If you do not want to only consume milk and cereal on this diet, some snacks are acceptable. It’s recommended that you stick to vegetables and other low-fat foods like yogurt as your snacks.

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Most cereals have vitamins and other nutrients added to them to raise their nutritional value. However, this does not make up for a broad range of nutrition that you will not receive through only eating cereal and milk. Because of this the diet should only be followed for two weeks maximum.

It’s important that exiting the diet you have a plan in place to maintain the weight loss that you have achieved.