Can I Use Hand or Body Lotion In My Hair?

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have products for your hair hand lotion can also be used. It’s effects include being able to tame unruly hair, condition and also even make it smell better. This solution can work for many, but certain types of hair may not have the desired reaction. In all cases it’s best to consult with a professional hair stylist to see if it will be a good solution for you.

Using Hand Lotion

In an emergency situation, as previously stated, you can use hand lotion to smooth out and calm down frizzy hair. In essence, the ingredients that hand lotion contain are selected for their moisturizing qualities just like normal hair conditioner. And as such ingredients like glycerin and lactic acid will have a moisturizing effect on your hair. If the goal is to make your hair smell better, it is safe to use body lotion in your hair for this purpose as well.

What Types Work?

Hand lotion usually has a bunch of the same ingredients that you’d find in common hair conditioners. With that said, it’s still important that you check the exact ingredient list on the particular product that you are looking at using.

Some lotions will contain alcohol and have the complete opposite effect of what you’re trying to attain. Your hair could and a dryer than when you started. You want to look for cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. Products that contain vegetable oil are usually good to go.

How To Use

Similar to using real conditioner, a less-is-more approach is one you should take. Adding too much lotion or conditioner to your hair will cause a greasy look that you probably do not want. So, start with a small amount and thoroughly add it to your hair. If more is desired, add in a small amount at a time. Generally a dab just the size of a pea will be enough for most.