Does Drinking Liquid Magnesium Citrate Cause Weight Loss?

Laxative Properties

As much as we all wish that there was a safe magic pill or medication we could take for fat loss — there simply isn’t one. This holds true for the consumption of magnesium citrate.

Will drinking a concoction containing magnesium citrate may cause you to temporarily lose water weight from your body — it will also come with a large host of terrible side effects.

The Magnesium will act as a laxative in your body, causing you to expel water weight through your backside. In no way shape or form will it actually burn body fat. Does any weight loss that is realized through its consumption is only temporary.

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Magnesium Citrate

Most know that magnesium is a mineral from the earth that can be found in a ton of different food products. The body utilizes magnesium in too many processes to list here — but, let’s just say it’s extremely important that you are consuming it.

As an over-the-counter medication, magnesium is sold to treat basic non-chronic constipation. The way that it does its job is by pulling liquid into your bowels, where it mixes with the content of them, hastening the exit of the matter.

Not For Weight Loss

If you go to the store and look at the product on the Shelf you’ll notice that none of them say that magnesium citrate can be used as a weight loss supplement. This is because it has absolutely no effect of on burning fat or raising metabolism.

Some people improperly believe that if you take laxatives it causes food to move through your digestive tract so fast that the calories are not absorbed. This is incorrect. Laxatives that work through the the mechanism that magnesium citrate does have absolutely no effect upon the area of your intestines that absorbs food.

Magnesium Citrate Safety

Those who incorrectly think that magnesium citrate will cause them to lose fat will probably only use it once. That’s because magnesium citrate consumption comes with a massive host of unpleasant side effects that will make it so they only do it once.

That is, unless sitting on the toilet with your stomach cramping as you rapidly excrete multiple watery bowel movements is your idea of a party.

Along with a sizable amount of water loss, it’s likely that you will lose a significant amount of electrolytes. The function of does electrolytes is beyond the scope of this article, but we’ll just leave it at — it’s not good to lose those.

How To Actually Lose Weight

Oftentimes the phrase losing weight is misconstrued with losing actual body fat. Body fat is what you want to be losing, not just water weight.

In order to lose body fat you will need to put yourself into a caloric deficit. This can be accomplished by many different methods that are all beyond the scope of this article.