European Pilot Skewered By Massive Tree Branch After Crash Landing Jokes, “I AM GROOT” [VIDEO]


A 36-year-old Belarusian pilot proved that he is probably the toughest man on Earth — with an incredible sense of humor to match.

Image depicting Ivan Krasouski crashing his plane and the thick wood piece that impaled his right shoulder
Image: ATN/east2west news

The man was flying his microlight aircraft through the countryside when accident struck. A snap on his vehicle gave out, causing him to twirl out of control.

After descending from the sky, he collided with a forest-area filled with trees. What happened next is unbelievable.

Ivan Krasouski in the hospital with the giant sticky through his shoulder
Image: ATN/east2west news

The pilot initially thought that his crash was no big deal, and that he landed softly. That is — until he tried to get up and walk, immediately realizing the gravity of the crash.

Ivan Krasouski recounts his accident:

“I was flying somewhere, flying, then I crash down on some pine… on some fir tree. Like in ancient times people were put on a stake. So exactly this way I was impaled and fell down – piuuuu!….

I removed all the small branches and bark. So it was clear. And I’m thinking: I fell so softly, all is okay I’ll stand up and go…. then… something hods me back. I looked and it was a giant log there! I tore my shirt and there was a branch in my arm, thick as a watermelon! Gosh! I laughed at this, as usual.

Then my classmate arrived. He works as a rescuer. He sawed off the log from one side, then from the other.

And they say – ‘No, are you crazy?’. ‘If we take it away, you’ll bleed to death’. And I was like – ‘I am Groot!’

And then I went to the ambulance with this log embedded in me.”

Ivan Krasouskiin the hospital showing the skewered shoulder from the side with tree branch
Image: ATN/east2west news

It’s truly incredible that Ivan was able to remain cool, calm and collected — even humorous, through such a devastating injury.

Here’s to hoping he comes out the backside of this incident body, and humor, intact.


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