Gel Deodorant Or Stick Deodorant – Which Is Better?


Go into any store and you’ll see that there are hundreds of products lining the shelves designed to make you smell nice and clean. Check out Amazon and there’s literally tens of thousands.

Most would agree one of the most important products you can put on to keep yourself smelling fresh is underarm deodorant. This particular invention was designed with a fragrance and to make your armpits dry as well.

This is a stick of deodorant of the old spice variety
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As the number of deodorants continues to expand, it’s important to figure out exactly what type you’ll need. We will make sure you understand the benefits and negatives to the two most popular types on the market by the end of this article.

Gel Deodorant Benefits

As far as deodorants go — both stick and gel variants are relatively new compared to what people have been using for thousands of years. Between stick and gel types — the gel is much newer to the deodorant market.

That doesn’t, however, mean that it doesn’t work well. For most people who don’t need heavy duty deodorant — gel is fine. The main benefit of using a gel deodorant is that your armpits won’t be covered in any white streaks. This benefit also transfers to your shirts.

Gel formulas also tend to be “felt” less in the underarm as well — meaning you won’t notice you’re wearing it as often.

Gel Deodorant Negatives

If your situation involves lots of sweating and physical exertion — you may want to look towards stick deodorant. That’s because the gel form doesn’t perform as well when it’s in a tense situation.

For many, this is a deal-breaking feature. As the whole point of wearing it in the first place is to prevent yourself from smelling.

Many brands will also turn into a slimy mess when heavy sweating occurs.

Stick Deodorant Benefits

Stick deodorant has been on the market for a long time — and as such, is time tested to work well. In situations requiring strong protection from odor, most find that stick deodorant will keep you fresh for a greater length of time than a gel will.

As previously mentioned, gel can turn into a mess in your armpits when heavy sweating occurs. This doesn’t happen with the good old stick deodorant.

Stick Deodorant Negatives

The main selling point for gel deodorant types is that they are clear and don’t leave behind a visible mess (though there may¬† be an invisible one). This obviously leads us to stick deodorants main downfall — streaks and debris.

When using a stick deodorant with any color shirt other than white, there’s a high likelihood of discoloring or staining the clothing. If you’re going sleeveless it’ll also be visible on your skin.

There also appears to anecdotally be more incidences of uncomfortable experiences with the stick type. These include pain or general discomfort. This is because it has the possibility of filling the pores in your skin.