Health Benefits of Using A Facial Peel


A facial peel is the process of putting an acidic lotion or cream on your skin for the purpose of removing dead or damaged skin. The goal is to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin by getting rid of old unattractive cells. As with anything worth doing there are potential complications, but as long as you are careful they’re easy to avoid. There are different strengths a cream you can apply. Stronger creams will penetrate further down into the layers of your skin.

Health Benefits of Using A Facial Peel

Light Facial Peel

The first level a facial peel basically only takes the very top layer of skin off. This is the lightest peel and holds the least probability for complications. This treatment only affects the top layer of skin called the epidermal. Products and cosmetologists sometimes call this particular treatment a “lunchtime peel” because it’s non-invasive and could be completed on your lunch break because it doesn’t take up very much time. The general effect of this level of treatment is better feeling skin that looks renewed. Oftentimes, skin texture and small wrinkles are improved.

face peel good for skin health

Medium Peel

The medium peel begins to traverse deeper down into your skin, expecting more than only the top layer. This level of treatment will definitely require a commitment of time, and will want to be done on a weekend day so that you did not miss work. With more side effects comes greater results. You can expect useful treatment of medium sized wrinkles, scars and unwanted pigmentation.

Deep Peel

The final, and most aggressive, facial peel that you can use is the deep peel. The likelihood of side effects using this method is very high, and healing your skin could take a few days. Typically the chemical used is phenol. Generally those with dark skin cannot use this type of treatment because it will bleach or remove pigmentation from their skin. The scope of issues that this treatment includes skin discoloration, lesion scars in bad skin wrinkles.


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