How Many Calories Does A Normal Cream Cheese Bagel Have?

Image by Renee Comet / Wikipedia

Bagel Calories

Ultimately, the number of calories will depend on the exact size of the bagel, and how much cream cheese do apply to the top of each slice.

Cream Cheese Calories

Cream cheese itself is highly caloric due to the fat content. Therefore if you really smother the bagel in a large amount of cream cheese you can really rack up the number of calories in a hurry.

A Lower Calorie Bagel

If your goal is to lower the number of calories in your diet it would be wise to reach for a lower-fat version of cream cheese. Also be wary of the amount of cream cheese that you apply and try to keep it as small as possible.

Total Average Calories

The average uncovered bagel that’s 3 to 4 inch in diameter has between 180 to 270 calories depending on its exact width and size. A tbsp of normal store-bought cream cheese we’ll have about 50 calories. A lower fat version of cream cheese will contain about 30 calories per tablespoon serving.

If you add that up your bagel with cream cheese will have between 210 and 320 calories.