Illegal Immigrants Take Shots At Trump By Jumping The Wall

a man climbs united states border wall to mock donald trump
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Illegal Immigrants Mock Trump

Immigrants took shots at Donald Trump by scaling a new border wall along the Mexico-US border.

Hot on the heels of Trump giving a stern speech regarding border patrol, one young man successfully managed to cross over the border. The president’s talk highlighted that he had hired thousands of troops. He ordered them to protect the wall between Mexico and the United States from illegal immigrants.

In an open act of defiance, one man was spotted and photographed hopping over the metal wall. The sheer height of the barrier made it necessary for three men to help. One of the three men served mainly as a lookout, while the other two actively boosted the other over the wall.

three men help illegal immigrant jump trump's border wall into the united states from mexico
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The Wall Is Defeated

Eyewitnesses say that the entire process of climbing the wall took less than 2 minutes in total. As soon as the illegal alien made it to the other side, he quickly took off towards the nearest signs of civilization. In this case that was some houses off in the distance.

One of the supporting members of the operation spoke with magazine AFP. He said the following in response to reporters asking why he helped the man over the fence:

“He couldn’t get over! He was taking forever.”

The man went on to say that he had seen other people scale the wall in just a single minute.

The King Of Twitter

Just a few days prior to this incident Trump went on a tweet-spree about this very issue.

trump tweets about how mexico has tougher immigration laws than the united states
trump tweets about daca, illegal immigration, and mexico

Seeing how passionate Trump clearly is about preventing illegal immigration, the Mexican stunt more than likely bothers him to no end.

It is safe to say that we will see a new flurry of tweets regarding Mexican illegal immigration from Trump at some point over the next few days.


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