Nutrition Facts & Calories For Burger King Veggie Burgers


As the number of people engaging in a vegan diet increases, many restaurants have begun to add vegetarian options to their menu. Burger King has entered this arena with their own product called The Morning Star Burger. It contains all of the normal toppings that you would find on a burger, except it’s made with a non-meat patty. This option we’ll leave vegetarians and non-vegetarians mouth’s watering, but it may not be the best choice for every person’s diet.

Calorie Content

Those on a diet can rejoice in knowing that the BK veggie burger is relatively low in calories — coming in at only 390 calories total. On average a person needs about 2000 calories per day to maintain their weight. That means that the Morning Star Burger easily slides in only making up about 20% of calories allowed.

Carbohydrate Count

The vast majority of the calories that are in the veggie burger at Burger King provides are in the form of carbs and fats. One Burger contains 41 G of carbohydrates. This can be problematic for those that are following a low-carb diet, the most vegans are not doing this. The main sources of carbohydrate content are from vegetables and brown rice in the patty. The bun contains wheat flour and high fructose corn syrup.

Fat Count

This burger is actually relatively fatty even though it is a vegetarian option. There are a total of 17 grams of fat with 2.5 coming from saturated fat and the remainder being mono and polyunsaturated.

Protein Count

All in all the burger contains 21 G of vegetarian protein coming from various sources like soy.

Remaining Nutrition Facts

Burger King does not actually list the amounts of many of the nutrients in the burger such as vitamins and minerals. Is the ingredient list that they provide is true there should be a fair amount of nutrition beyond the basic macro-nutrients listed in the previous bulleted items. One mineral that is listed is sodium, and it’s in Fairly high amounts. Those who are on a sodium restricted diet should take note and tread carefully when eating a Burger King Vegetable Burger.