Rare Woodstock Photos


Arts & Crafts

The Woodstock Music & Art Fair festival wasn’t called that for no reason. The festival was a place for young souls to express their creativity and self-expression through music and art, like this bohemian woman adorned with a leather crop top, headband, and arm bracelet.

She parked herself down on the grass to weave her leather-tasseled tapestry. Perhaps she handed it out to other fellow festival-goers or even sold a few. Whichever way, her style was certainly in tune with the spirit of Woodstock.


  1. No matter how hard people try, this was a once in a lifetime experience that will never come again. None of today’s “performers” are worth a penny compared to the wonderful artists at Woodstock. People refuse to do for each other today, unlike at Woodstock. Gun nuts who believe in carrying every waking moment would destroy everything a festival like Woodstock stood for.
    I was 14 and on my way there when I got popped for being a runaway. BUMMER!


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