Research Finds Children Born In September Trend Towards Intelligence

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The field of astrology is based around birthdays and months having a major effect on human personality traits. Birth dates supposedly influence our personality, behavior, relationships, and even what will occur in our life time.

While the vast majority of people would say that none of this is true and it’s only for fun, science may have unveiled that there is some truth in it. Specifically, the month that you’re born in may actually affect how intelligent you are. Unfortunately, for the students of astrology, planetary alignments do not appear to be the cause.

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Recent findings by the National Bureau of Economic Research have suggested that children born in the month of September seem to be more intelligent than those who were not.
The research took a look at 1.2 million students in the Florida public school system.

Specifically they looked at children between 6 and 15 years old, born in a multitude of months.

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If you were hoping that the root cause of September-born children being more intelligent with something astrological and or paranormal, you are out of luck.

In reality, it appears that it’s literally just because the children are older then the rest in their grade. You see, in the United States, the cutoff date for for entry to kindergarten is the end of August. Thus, those that are born in September, or at the older-end of their grade.

The research also concluded that children born during the month of September excelled higher than those born in August. It would be difficult to conclude that this is not because they are the youngest in their school year.


September-born babies continue to excel all the way through up and into High School. The compounding effect of being the best in their grade due to their age earned them a much higher likelihood of getting into a good college.

Another finding is that it appears to reduce the likelihood that the kid born in September committing any crimes throughout their childhood.