Is Rosemary Oil Good For Hair?


Most of us have heard of the herb Rosemary. It’s commonly used in culinary recipes to add flavor. What most people don’t know is that it has been used by humans in various medicine for thousands of years. Ancient humans utilize the herb to aid with food digestion, muscle soreness and mental acuity. Science has shown that Rosemary does in fact have some medicinal value, specifically antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.

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Promote Growing Hair

Science has shown Rosemary has utility in promoting the growth of hair. An animal study took a look at the effect of the herb in animals with hormone-induced hair loss. They also just tried straight up shaving animals, to see if it would help there as well. Both situations saw bolstered production of hair. The innate chemical content of Rosemary appears to inhibit some sources of poor hair growth.

Rosemary Oil Good For Hair

Another study was conducted on those with alopecia, but unfortunately also featured other herbs. As such it cannot be fully concluded that Rosemary was the force driving the hair growth.

Fix An Itchy Scalp

Those with dandruff are in luck, Rosemary battles fungus on the scalp. If you were unaware, it is believed that dandruff is caused by a certain type of yeast on your scalp. Yeast is a fungus, so Rosemary is excellent at battling it. Dandruff is also commonly accompanied by inflammation of the skin underneath your hair. As previously mentioned Rosemary is also an anti-inflammatory. As such, Rosemary is capable of handling two of the symptoms of dandruff.


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