The 32 Funniest GIFs Of All Time



This is literally the most perfectly timed moment ever. I love the number of different reactions in this one. I can watch it again and again and enjoy a different person’s response each time.

The first time you see it, you think that the girl knew that the guy fell on accident. If you watch closely notice the girl who goes and steps on him doesn’t even see him spill. She just looked back, saw him on the ground, and planted her foot on him.


Wait a minute… was that a balloon? Oh my god, you guys. A balloon. This cat clearly has one thing on his mind, and it’s that balloon.

I’m not sure if the DSM lists balloon addiction as a mental affliction, but if it did, this cat would definitely be clinically insane.


This bucket-headed man was incredibly well prepared. Yep, this one does it for me. The back-story is great too. Apparently in Russia, any government official (I believe that’s who it is) can get a blue light on their car and can, and very often will, run red lights. It is very dangerous and they do it all the time.

So a protest of sorts involveed people harassing them with buckets on their heads. So incredibly random and it’s great.


When you’ve hit absolute rock bottom. You can just see the gears turning in his mind-brain.

I’m pretty sure he is thinking:

“You’re really terrible, you’re only offering a treat to make me walk in these socks so you can laugh at me…but, I really want that treat. URGHHGH!”

Although I do wonder, are those even socks? They look like those booties you put on dogs so their feet don’t get torn up on hikes.


This one really cracks me up every single time. This kitten may have overreacted a little, or it may have simply forgotten for a moment that it was a cat.

The cat just forgets about that lizard and is watching another one walk away, and then once it finishes flipping out, it stares at the lizard for three long seconds then proceeds to just flip out again, totally unprovoked.


Wow! This is really a modern feat of technology. This always kills me! Just the absolute bizarreness of it… like what exactly is going on here? Who spent their time doing this, and why? What do I not know?

Heinz and Tesla have both had to rethink their robotized products. I’m picturing two engineers watching this, going “… … … SUCCESS!”


This pup was guilty by association. The look on his little face when he sees it coming. This one gets funnier the more you watch it.

This is the first image that I literally had to keep myself from laughing. So hard it almost hurt. I’m still recovering, four minutes later.


I think at one time or another we all wondered what our animals do at home when we are gone. Well, in this case, this guy’s dog bust out some amazing dance moves.

Apparently this dog is just completely embarrassed by the dancing, though. As he quits every time his owner comes in the room. What a bummer. That dog belongs in Hollywood.


This GIF succeeded in bringing out my very rare wheezy old man laugh. Pure funny packed into moving image format.

It’s very clear to see that this dump truck is having a really, really, bad day. The best part though is at the end how it puts it down with a flourish… it’s like “TA-DA”!


GOODBYE, CRUEL WORLD! Elmo couldn’t stand his toy-existence any longer. Someone should bring one of those to a rock concert and have it stage dive into the mosh pit.

The longer you watch this one, the funnier it gets. Each time you’ll notice something new; the jump with arms up. Wait, the box lurches back and forth. Elmo had a run up, the arms swing back momentarily, pushing him slightly. And that expression, that expression with the semi-slo-mo arm movement.


This most-likely British kitten needed a little help when he had fallen behind his very-fast peers and lost their direction.

Fortunately he runs into a very kind man who happened to have seen the pack and could help him out. The man points him in the right direction and he’s on his way. Amazing.


Steve finally got revenge for all of his captured comrades over the years. Honestly though, it really looks like someone is practicing at slapping the bass. Even that fish does more damage than my magikarp.

In all seriousness though, puns aside, that’s an Asian Carp. Invasive pest fish, notorious for leaping out of the water when boats pass.


This little guy has absolutely no chill in his game. I’m pretty sure that he’ll have a music blog in a few years where he can verbally do the same thing.

Perhaps the best part of this is the fact that he turns to the left to ensure the fatality. If I’m being honest, this is why I always wanted one of those mini-tractors as a kid. This is also why my parents never gave me one.


This scene looks like when your friend starts the video game late… Player 2 has entered the game!

MORTAL WOMBAT!!! (I know its a squirrel)

Looks like there is a new movie out called crouching tiger, hidden squirrel. The first time I ever saw this GIF the title was “there are two types of squirrels.” To this very day I think that’s an accurate statement.


Well, guys, looks like the trailer for the new M Night Shyamalan movie is out. In all seriousness, though, what in the heck is going on in this situation.

We have a man racing through the field at Usain Bolt speeds, and then a cow takes off hot on his heels. Maybe he stole the wrong cow’s milk and her boyfriend had something to say about it.


This is another perfect example of a dog that forgot for a split second how to dog.

I would be happy to throw the ball for him every day if this type of situation played out each time. Actually, on second thought, I probably wouldn’t want my dog to die, so we’d probably play inside, without any balls or sharp objects.


The kid in church who gets denied. Every single time. You can almost hear what he is thinking: “OH, well okay”. “Didn’t want the body of Christ anyway…”

I’m no longer religious but Communion was always my favorite part of mass as a kid. Our church’s wafers tasted pretty damned good, and of course few teenagers will turn away free wine.


I’ve been saying for many years now that children are basically just drunk grown ups in tiny little bodies. If this gif right here isn’t perfect and complete evidence for that, I don’t know what is.

Let’s take bets here, how many times do you think he tried before he finally got it right. I’m guessing he never did!


If I’m being honest here, the only thing I love about those animals are their stupid little hands. It’s crazy that the raccoon is such a thief that they evolved a bandits mask directly on their faces.

The running with the little butt wiggle and the bowed legs is what gets me. The cats are all just sitting around like “Uhh, what do we do”?


It’s apparent that this dog forgot how to dog. Those 2 dogs- looks like an outtake of Shaun of the Dead.

If we’re being honest here he’d be the perfect villain in a movie. You know, in those chase scenes? For whatever reason the villains chasing the hero by car, boat, or whatever, crash into random objects along the way. He’d be the perfect fit for that exact scenario


Let’s be honest, this is actually feels to chew 5 gum. This is honestly really similar to what happens to my plans for the day when I can’t find socks within five minutes of waking up.

You’ve got to admire the full-scale art in such grandeur failings. I’m impressed. Her facial expression does not change. She just wanted to proved your inconsistent gaps in the dominos were terrible.


This was literally the perfect prank. Every single element in a crazy complicated set up went according to plan. First we have the blinding bucket drop down on the dudes head and then the final nut crushing blow delivered perfectly with sniper-like accuracy.

I wouldn’t want to be this dudes roommate. Or the guy who did this. There’s no way he didn’t get revenge after getting hit like that.


At first we’re pretty sure he was doing a perfect crip walk. That was too simple, though. He needed to add his own spin and try to create his own dance called the “tread walk”.

Unfortunately it ended terribly for him. Look at those shoes go flying across the room, that’s how you know it hurt.


Can you see the look of otter indignation on his frustrated face!

If you finish the video, he replaces the purple cup with the red one to finish it off with the purple on top.

They stack, he was just figuring it out.


Autobots! ROLL OUT!

This poor cat. He just gives up. It’s like the feline embodiment of “I just want to sink into a hole in the ground.” I would give up too if I had to wear a costume like that.

I think the cat is reacting to the pressure on its back – it’s an instinct to go limp when a parent cat is picking it up by the scruff of the neck. This is what happens when all of the cat’s sensory feelers are blocked.


This one is almost certainly clearly staged, but that doesn’t stop him from being funny.

I’ll bet it took them weeks of preparation and they had to get all of the dozens of surrounding people in on the action. The result is hilarious though we’re glad that their hard work in setting this prank up paid off.


I’m really not sure what’s going on in this one, but I wouldn’t doubt it if it was this mascot’s first day on the job.

I’m guessing visibility went south and a stumble turned into a tumble. A gloriously hilarious fall that we can all now laugh at on the internet. Yay.


You really have to wonder what was going through this guy’s head before he decided to take that leap. He literally didn’t even clear half but how far he was supposed to jump.

I’m not sure why but I have a strong feeling that this took place in Russia and there were some very very strong vodka involved as well.


Some people have dire fears of specific things and they don’t know why. For instance my mother is completely afraid of mice, but has never had a bad experience with them.

Other people have entirely traumatic experiences that leave them scarred for life. It’s reasonable to presume that this woman never stepped foot in a circus again or watch the movie It.


This is definitely one of the smartest dogs that I’ve ever seen. Well, you may not be very good at listening to his owner’s commands, but he sure that he comes out on top either way.

After completely failing to catch his own treat in a trick, he takes the Easy Pickins off of his brother’s and snout. What a genius.


This baby was just sitting there minding his own business and playing with the towel when two of man’s best friends decided to crash the party.

The two pups were fighting over a long rope-like dog toy, at full speed, accidentally, or purposefully, close lining the baby. Poor kid!


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