The Best Strengthening Exercises For The Erector Spinae Back Muscles

Starting all the way at the top of your neck and extending down your back all the way to the bottom of your sacrum are the erector spinae muscles. They are absolutely crucial in maintaining functional, fit back. Their functions include supporting the spine and head, also enabling you to contract and extend them, as well as twisting your torso and other direction.

Most people don’t know that they are also considered a part of the core musculature along with the typically known abdominal muscles. A well-planned, well formulated strength and conditioning program will always include exercises that strengthen the extremely important erector spinae.

Conventional Deadlift

The first and most essential exercise that you will need to include is the conventional deadlift. This exercise works damn-near every muscle in your body from your feet up to your skull. The heaviest targets during a deadlift however are the posterior chain including your lower back, your gluteus maximus and hamstrings. If you’ve never done deadlifts before be sure to start at a lightweight that enables you to do the movement properly without rounding in the back.

In order to perform a deadlift start by moving your feet to about hip distance apart. Bend down and grab the bar using either a double overhand or mixed grip (each hand facing the opposite way).

Squeeze your core musculature tight and pull your back tight into the bar. Begin the lift by pushing through your legs using your hamstrings while bringing your hips forward.

After lifting the bar fully extend your hips at the top, rather than your lower back. Do not lean back.

Finally reverse the motion back to the ground in the same path that you ascended.

Back Extensions

In order to do a back extension you will need certain pieces of clip of equipment such as a back extension machine or a Roman chair. It is also possible to complete this exercise using a stability ball. Start with using only your body weight and only progress once it is no longer challenging for a high repetition set.

Stability Ball Back Extension

Lay face-down on top of an exercise ball. Spread your feet apart wide behind you so that you can balance, with only your toes touching the ground.

Contract your lower back and try to pull your torso upwards off of the ball as far as you can get.

Pause, then go back down in the same motion that you went up in. Repeat until you die.

Roman Chair

Hop up in that Roman chair and secure yourself tightly and comfortably with your ankles secured and your quads resting on top of the pad.

Place your arms across your body over your chest, or if you have added a weight element to the exercise grasp that tightly over your chest.

Keep your legs as straight as possible while using the muscles in your back to braise your abdomen until your hips have fully locked out.

Hold your body for a quick pause at the top before returning to the bottom position in the same manner that you came up in.

Superman Exercise

This exercise is great because you don’t need any special equipment. It also hits all of the musculature running up and down your back. You’ll want to really focus on that mind muscle connection and try to isolate your erector spinae muscles.

Start by lying down on the ground face down. Clasp your legs together tightly and push your arms out past your head like Superman would bro.

Lift both the front of your abdomen and head off the floor at the same time as you lift your legs behind you.

As with all of the aforementioned exercises you should hold the movement at the top for a quick pause before returning to the bottom in the same way that you got to the top.