The Best Way To Burn Thigh Fat For Men

Yale scientific, a journal, has made it known that it is a fallacy that you can preferentially target fat in one place of your body. This man has been repeatedly propagated through commercial advertisements and bad gym lore.

While the aforementioned targeting of fat in a specific spot is impossible, you can still improve the appearance of a specific part of your body. By increasing the amount of muscle that is on a specific body part like your thighs, you can create a more aesthetically appealing appearance without actually losing fat.

The CDC says that the body begins to lose weight when you are in a caloric deficit. So, in order for you to lose weight on your thighs, you will have to lose weight everywhere by eating less or exercising more. A 3500 calorie deficit will put you down one full pound of fat.

Drop your calories

Getting fat around your thighs is the result of an extended period of general calorie surplus. This means that your body is burning less calories than you’ve eaten — and as such, it stores the calories for later in case you are unable to eat.

You will need to change your diet to one that has less calories than you currently eat. Many options are available, but some quick healthy tips are to eliminate liquid sugar drinks like soda and products that are high in fat and thus calories.

Get Exercising

If you do not want to change your diet you can simply increase the amount of exercise that you do, and therefore the number of calories that you burn. The most effective type of exercise for burning calories is cardiovascular. This includes running, biking or swimming. This type of exercise burns more calories in a short amount time compared to other things like weightlifting

Strength Training

In the long term, building muscle is an effective way to keep fat at bay. This is because muscle burns calories at rest. Those the more muscle that you have the more calories that you will burn without actually exercising. Thus, you can eat more without gaining weight.

Keep records

Keeping a record of the number of calories that you eat daily and how much weight you are losing or gaining will be very useful. If you’re eating a certain amount of calories and still aren’t losing weight even though you’re lifting weights and exercising, you know that you need to eat less. Eventually once you’ve lost the weight that you want to lose, this tool will also enable you to know how many calories to eat just to maintain your weight.