The Best Way To Perform Reverse Kegels

The reverse kegel is an excellent way for men with multiple issues like prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation, to improve their situation. The exercise will enable you to have greater control over the penis muscles, and allow for increases in strength and stamina. The movement can give you and your significant other a longer period of time to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Not to do this too often when you were just getting started as it can cause injury.

Part 1

Find the muscle at the front of your penis while you are peeing. Squeeze the muscle tight. This will cause you to come out of your body faster.

Part 2

Find a private room where you can focus. Take deep breaths and try to clear your mind. For some people it helps for the room to be dark and completely quiet.

Part 3

Take deep breaths and focus on pushing the muscles in your penis outward while keeping the muscles in your pelvis relaxed.

Part 4

Do this for 11 to 16 repetitions. Over time add more repetitions to your workouts.