The Brightest U.S. Presidents Ranked By IQ Score


George W. Bush

IQ 124

The media had an absolute field day when George W. Bush was president. Bush’s goofy personality and his tendency to make verbal slip-ups was the perfect fuel for the media. However, contrary to popular belief, President Bush is certainly not the simple-minded fool that some Americans believe him to be. You may be surprised, but Bush’s IQ is actually well about the average college graduate.


  1. I agree with most of the ratings except two. You are at least 20-25 points too low for G.W. Bush and about 40- 50 points too high for Barack Obama.

  2. President Trump being the smartest U.S. President so far serving as President of the United States, you can only tell as his contingency and his common sense are a clue of a well rounded world leader and someone who will go down in history and who will most definitely follow some of our most distinguished presidents that has served this great nation.


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