The Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries


Victoria Beckham – $12,956

Victoria Beckham has a love hate relationship with plastic surgery, and has clearly had a few bits and pieces done and then removed too over the years. She is outspoken about her breast augmentation, expressing regret for getting them done, saying it came from a place of insecurity. She even says to women, “don’t mess with your boobs, just celebrate what you’ve got.” Rumors about other facial surgeries such as nose jobs have never been confirmed by VB.


  1. She looks perfect in both photos, don’t see much to improve on. However her man friend looks as though he has had some awful outcomes of surgery?

  2. I bet that’s the exact hair she was born with as well. Either that or some woman in New Dehli India is doing without. Seems thats the trend nowadays, black women in American purchasing hair from women in India because they hate their own hair.

  3. They have nothing better to do with their time other than obsess about themselves and what’s the latest thing to do amongst the fancy fancy crowd.

  4. omg, she actually looks better than she looked like in the other picture… im not being mean but i liked her other pic but i actually like the one right know like omg. :0 :0:0:0 :o:O;O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:OO:O:O

  5. you so dum what are you talking about like she is the cutest in the other picture, so why is everyone talking about that she is so savage. what are you guys talking about like omg…..

  6. Sad, if you go through each of these people, you see a trend. Those that had small procedures are OK, but those who have spent big money suffer from body image problems a mental illness, and the bad part is, they had great bodies because they are actors and actresses, it’s called mental illness. Most of these woman, after spending thousands on surgeries, still have to spend hours in the makeup chair to look good. Amazing, how many people suffer from the disease.

  7. OK, I gave up before I got to the advertisement guy – a collection of vapid, self absorbed poseurs the likes of which is unfortunately all too common.

  8. How many times you going to scream “SAVAGE” on this thread. Term was cool and trendy like five years ago. Now only silly people as the ones on this thread use it. Just stop it….pinheads.

  9. God doesn’t make mistakes but people sure do! You were a man, you are a man, you will always be a man in the eyes of God. This is blasphemy to say God made you wrong. You look terrible, you are not a role model, you are a disgrace to humanity!!! Praying for you because you sure do need it!!!

  10. Very few of these people “needed” plastic surgery – we’re hardly talking about The Elephant Man, are we? A brain transplant would have been more appropriate in most cases.

  11. Omg oh my god omg Britney Spears why did you let yourself go omg if only you didn’t sign that contract or she didn’t did it by her self ir I’m on ipad

  12. Looking at the “enhancements” makes me appreciate what I have. It obviously didn’t improve but instead ruined their natural looks in most cases.


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