The Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

8Denise Richards – $13,000

Richards in Aug. 2009 (l.) and Sept. 2010 (r.). (Photo: Dowling/Getty, Strauss/WireImage)

Having played major roles in television shows like Saved by the Bell or Married with Children, Denise Richards is immediately recognizable to most. At one point she even starred in her own reality TV show. And once upon a time was married to the infamous lord of tiger blood Charlie Sheen.

Denise wasted very little time after legally becoming an adult to dip her toes into the world of plastic surgery. She was just 19 years old when she received her first breast augmentation. The first procedure ended with her receiving a pair far-too-large for her frame. It took her another try to get it right, but the end results were to her liking.

Angelina Jolie

Not every celebrity has a surgery performed purely for aesthetic reasons. In fact, sometimes it’s a dire situation like Angelina was faced with. Her doctors informed her that she was very likely to get cancer. So, she had both of her breasts removed in a double masectomy.

Since then, however. Many believe that she’s had a facelift, nosejob and various other procedures.