Are Unmarked Vitamins Allowed On Planes?


Most people these days take at least one supplement or vitamin daily. When it’s time to travel, there’s absolutely no reason to sacrifice your health. You should bring your daily supplement regimen on the road with you.

It’s not uncommon for people to remove there vitamins or supplement from the original packaging for one reason or another. When this happens people become fearful that the TSA will confiscate their supplements or that they could get in trouble. Fortunately, the reality is that this is not the case and the TSA permits traveling with any type of supplement or medication, even if it doesn’t have its original packaging. Governmental laws specific to the area you are in may be different however.

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Vitamins Allowed On Planes

The TSA does not place any restriction on the amount of supplements that you can bring. That is, beyond what you can put in your carry-on luggage, or your stored luggage. The other rule is that it needs to be encapsulated, tablet, gummy form. As long as the pill is hard. This is fortunate, as you can continue taking your exact same regimen on vacation.

Unmarked Vitamins Allowed On Planes


The supplements themselves may be unmarked, however. you will have to store them outside of the rest of your belongings. It will be best to grab sandwich bags from the store and put all of your supplements in these. This will make the process fast and easy going through the security system.

The in order to avoid mixing up pills that look similar, you should put each different type of pill and its own bag. Then label each baggie with a marker so you know what is in each bag when it’s time to take your vitamins.

Unmarked supplements Allowed On Planes

Security Process

As you reach the front of the line at the TSA security point, you will want to remove all of the bags that you have brought with you so that they can take a look at them. You will then simply go through the security checkpoint just like you normally would.

Put the pills in your belongings in the bins and slide them through the X-ray machine. Alternatively if you do not want your pills irradiated, you can ask for a hand inspection from one of the agents. The officers are looking for any trace of anything that could be explosive and or dangerous to any passengers or the plane.

Non-TSA Laws

The TSA has made it known that certain states in the United States have made their own individual laws about what unmarked substances you can take on planes. This legislation generally was designed to prevent the transportation of mass prescription medications for sale. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your state does have a rule in effect that could affect your ability to transport your supplements. As such it is recommended that you look into the local laws to check if vitamins allowed on planes wherever you are flying to.


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